Scrap Metal Haul Off – Recycling Division

The Nationwide Dedicated Recycling Division was established in 2013 as an asset-based provider of specialized equipment for the steel recycling industry. Since that time, we have continually expanded our service lines to clients in AL, AR, GA, KY, MS, OK, OH, TN and TX. Our convenient Roll Off & End Dump Trucks are hauling scrap metal and providing dedicated transportation services to ferrous and non-ferrous customers in the automotive and steel stamping industries.

From industrial account management to mill & foundry direct operations to high-volume scrap dealers, we are able to utilize our fleet of late-mode trucks, steel end dump trailers, and roll off trailers to offer supply chain solutions for any type of scrap metal removal and hauling. With our industry knowledge and experience, the Dedicated Recycling Division has a unique ability to cater to the specific needs of each of our customers.  We can help you reduce your transportation spend as well as increase your revenue by providing dedicated, closed-loop solutions to your operations.

Commodities hauled include the following



Pig Iron


Heavy Melt


Car Bodies


P & S

HMS 1 & 2





Stainless Steel





Internal Cullet

External Cullet

We operate late model, steel and aluminum, framed and frameless end dump trailers, flatbed trailers, roll-off trailers and roll-off trucks.

Steel and Aluminum End Dump Trailers

40 Foot Steel and Aluminum Dump Trailers
(39 Foot Inside Dimensions)
60 to 65 Cubic Feet Capacity
76 Inch Wall Height
Hauling Capacity of 20 – 21 NT
Steel Cradle Allows for a Single Coil up to 48k

Roll-Off Trailers

25 Foot 11 Inch Supermini Roll-off Trailers
60,000 lbs Lifting Capacity
Holds 24 Foot Container
Hauling Capacity of 18 – 20 NT

Roll-Off Trucks

New 2021 Volvo Tri-Axle
75,000 lbs Lifting Capacity
Holds 24 Foot Container
Hauling Capacity of 34 NT